The Night Before

My electronics are a-charging, my clothes laid out for tomorrow, my passports and boarding information are together along with my money (in three different currencies) and credit cards, and my carry-on items are waiting patiently for me to decide which ones will make the final cut. My suitcase is packed (just not closed yet 🙂 )! Hopefully, my suitcase is not over the weight limit! If so, a great deal of shuffling clothes and trying to fit them into my carry-on will occur. Packing for eight months is an immensely difficult task. It is hard to know what I will need and leaving most of my wardrobe behind. I just hope some things I pack will be useful! I am not too nervous about flying by myself. I am just extremely nervous about saying goodbye to my family members. After saying goodbye to several close friends over the last couple of days, one would think I would be prepped to say goodbye to my family, but I am definitely not ready to. Luckily, I will see them in four months for my birthday (which will be in Germany! Hopefully, the Germans will tolerate my 21st celebration!). I will miss you guys and my friends…keep in touch! I am excited to see my extended family again and to experience England sans family! Sadly, I must get back to sorting out my carry-on! The next post will be coming from across the pond!!! Good night! <3

Will the suitcase close?

2 Responses to “The Night Before”

  1. Reverend says:

    I hope the trip went well and you arrived safe and sound. What’s more, I am looking forward to a chronicle of your travels abroad.

  2. rpoole says:

    It did close but it was over the weight limit. Luckily, i brought a duffel bag with me and just added some clothes to that! So I have to keep track of four pieces of luggage :/