5 days in England and I am still jet lagged :(

I have spent the past few days trying to see as many family members as I could and traveled about an hour outside of London to see a family near the sea!  It is very lovely to see family members by myself since I normally have my immediate family with me whenever I see extend family members. I also enjoyed seeing friends who were in London on “holiday” or vacation as we say in America, and some that are studying abroad! I already got lost on the tube by taking the wrong line, but once I got onto the right line I found my way to where I should meet up with friends. I have also been wandering around London (almost aimlessly) but found a very cute vintage shop that I wanted to see on accident. We were in the right area but only found it when we were not looking for it. With Lara, we explored by the Thames River around 4pm in the afternoon which meant the sun was starting to set.  With the sun setting earlier, I begin to become tired about 6pm but then will not be able to sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning for the most of the days I have been here so far. Hopefully, I will get on a better schedule as my internship begins tomorrow, and I have to be ready to leave by 7am….this will be fun! I cannot wait to learn  the ropes and see what will be required of me! Luckily, my new best friend and I had a nap after going to the English beach today (which was well cold).   With that nap with my new best friend , I should be ready for tomorrow! Sleep well!

Lost Sightings:

-Lost on the tube

-My great aunt was under the impression that my family lost me in London and sent a cousin to find me. Sure, I didn’t know exactly where I was but I could most likely find my way back!

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