Lessons from my Internship (Two Months later)

My internship was an awesome experience that kept me busy and put me into contact with   some people. Through my internship, I met one of the organizers of Balkans Peace Park Project (http://www.balkanspeacepark.org/) and will be volunteering with them in August which means I will be going to Albania! I am a bit terrified since everyone keeps joking about “don’t get taken” so hopefully that will not happen. This program has been operating for a couple of years so I have no doubt that everything will run smoothly. While making contacts, I also learned much about myself through my internship. One of my tasks was to transcribe the interviews for one the research projects that my employers were organizing.  I realized I was not as great of a listener as I should be. I would always get the gist of what the people were saying but not their exact wording so I would always have to go back and listen a couple of times to make sure I got everything correct. In addition to transcribing, I sat in on lectures about Responsible Tourism, and I understand most of the varying perspectives on tourism and its effects (negative and positive) on the local community. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed learning about this area since I have been mostly focusing on politics and international relations so this subject material was a nice change. I am not quite sure if I will have a future in the tourism sector but I think this is one of the upcoming fields to study. I also helped research for a chapter in a book that will be published, and I might get recognized! If that happens, this will be the second time I have been published! Lastly, I helped organized a day seminar, which was very successful! I would like to thank my employers and coworkers for their support, patience, and knowledge. I had a fabulous time working with you guys!

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