Couchsurfing in Deutschland (May, June, July)

After my trip to Milan, I wanted to travel. Unfortunately, Erfurt is at least two hours away from major airports so I decided to see as much of Deutschland as I could. Luckily, I made a friend (yay friend!) who wanted to travel as well. We heard Dresden was a neat place to visit so we bought our train tickets.


Three days before we were supposed to go, we still could not find a hostel. We kept hearing back from many hostels that they were booked for the whole weekend. We had both heard about couchsurfing, but I did not think of couchsurfing as a serious option. However, my friend did make a profile and was looking for potential places we could stay for just a night. My friend fortunately has a good sense of character (even when just basing off of an online profile) and has this talent of finding people who would take care of us. She found two of the three places we ended up couchsurfing. Both of the hosts she found were able to spend more time with us than the one I chose but all our hosts were fantastic. They all met us at the train station and responded to our text messages. They all helped us find our way through the new city (we couchsurfed in Dresden, Hamburg, and Köln), and one even had his roommates give us a tour of the city. I believe the more time you spend with the host the better experience you will have. I loved having a “local” show us around and tell us more about the attractions. I think couchsurfing is a cheap way to travel, a great way to meet locals, and see the sights. For however long you are there, you become a part of your host’s life depending on how friendly and open they are. You can meet their friends and learn about their lives. Normally, my friend and I would either make them breakfast in the morning or buy them breakfast to say thank you. I would recommend people to do this if they are “safe” about it because there are sadly many crazy people in the world. I always traveled and couchsurfed with a friend. Two out of the three people we stayed with had very positive reviews, and I would send my relatives the host’s profile and address just in case anything would happen. I recommend couchsurfing but definitely try to be as safe as you can with it!

Music Festival in Köln

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