My Weekend in Milan May 11-13

As you might have been able to tell from my last blogpost, I was not entirely in love with Germany. I did not think I would be but after watching friend after friend  fall in love with the city they were studying in, I allowed myself to hope that I had found a country where I would like to live. After a rough month and a half, I was ready to travel again. I feel I will never get my fill of travelling! I went via train, bus, and Ryanair to Milano to see a fellow UMW student who was studying there at the time. I always find strange how quickly friends pickup from where they left off. Seeing them again automatically made me feel much calmer. We explored Milano that day by walking around on a tour that my friend gave us. We saw the Dom, park, castle, fashion center, and much more. I was astonished how persistent beggars were at selling their dying flowers or bracelets. 

The next day we went to Lake Como where George Gloony famously has a holiday home, and he visited there a week later (,,20603244,00.html ). I loved Lake Como with its lovely scenery. 

The food in Italy was amazing. I would gain serious weight if I stayed in Italy longer. The first night we went to a buffet full of pasta, pizza, bread, salad, and other delicious food. The next night we had pizza which was the best pizza I had so far during my time aboard experience. My first gelato in Italy! I was sad to leave my friends, but I was pleasantly surprised that I missed Erfurt. While I was in Milan, I kept preparing myself to say phrases auf Deutsch to the Italians and was actually doing well…if only I could do that in Deutschland! I was very glad to not be relied on to translate like my friend was, since she was the only one who knew how to speak Italian. Once I was back on the Straßenbahn in Erfurt, I realized I missed that place, and my friends who I have become used to seeing every day. I guess I might love Deutschland after all!


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